The Craps Coach



The Craps Coach

 Class Descriptions


All our Craps Lessons include the following: 

      • 2 Hour classes (unless otherwise noted)
      • Class size limited to 4 maximum for The Basic and Intro to Dice Setting classes
      • Instruction and play on a real 12 foot casino Craps table
      • All classes are interactive “hands on”
      • We use real casino dice and chips
      • We simulate casino sessions to get a true feel of the game and expectations
      • Basic and advanced betting strategies introduced
      • Money management tips taught


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The Basic



This is a 2 hour, interactive class taught on a 12 foot regulation size casino Craps table in the “shooter’s Pit”.  This class covers the basics of the game and is PERFECT if you are new to the game of Craps. 

Class limited to 8 people

1 Person- $90

2 People- $110

3-4 Ppl- $125

5-6 Ppl- $150

7-8 Ppl- $200


Intro to Dice Setting

This is a 2 hour interactive class taught on a 12 foot regulation size casino Craps table in the “Shooter’s Pit”.  This class if PERFECT for the player that knows the game of Craps, but wants to improve winning sessions.  You get coached on everything that matters to influence the outcome of the dice. 

To include, Dice sets (for different situations), Dice Grips, The Throw, The release, The target area to land, The bounce, and where to stand. 

§  A minimum of 36 rolls analyzed using Smart Craps Software

§  Taught betting strategies for random player (The 5 Count)

Class limited to 2 people

1 Person- $110

2 People- $150

Dice Roll


§  Perfect for the dice setter that wants to perfect his controlled shooting

§  2 Hour interactive class on a 12 foot casino craps table

§  A minimum of  100 rolls analyzed using Smart Craps Software or Bone Tracker!

§  Determine your personal Signature Number

§  Determine your SRR (sevens to Rolls Ratio)

§  Determine what dice sets work FOR YOU for different points!


Practice Time

§  1 hour or longer

§  Perfect for the shooter that wants practice time

§  Just you and the table (or add "the Coach")


$60.00/hr (with Coaching)


(5 Hour)

This is a 5 hour class that begins in the “shooter’s Pit” and includes a live session(s) in a Casino in Black Hawk or Central City.  During the 5 hours, the Craps Coach is at your disposal and the class is tailored to your level of play.  The 5 hours does not include drive time to Black Hawk



§  You have something in mind.  Give us a call

303-475-8613 or EMAIL



Dice Lesson


§  5 Hours of instruction, spread out over multiple lessons

§  Perfect package so you can get good at dice control


Complete Dice Control Lesson Package

§  Instruction & coaching over multiple lessons until you are able to pass:

§  Pro Test 1 or Pro Test 2 or Pro Test 3

§  Info on these Pro Test can be found at:


§  Complete Package will take you from zero to a controlled dice shooter

§  Unlimited Practice time until you can pass a Pro Test 1, 2, or 3

§  Includes the Craps Coach Signature Practice Table ($200 Value)

§  Includes Toss Bar ($50 Value)

§  Includes The Craps Bible Book ($30 Value)


Group Sessions

§  For a group of 5 or more, contact us



The sole purpose of these classes is to teach the game of craps, dice setting and dice control.  No money shall be wagered at any time. Practice chips have no monetary value.

Check out our Schedule to see the days we are open.  We will open and conduct a lesson anytime that fits YOUR schedule. 


The Craps Coach Class