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Testimonials from Our Clients. 


I just wanted to say that I played Craps on Friday night and Saturday morning after your class and was about $350 up! I used simple basic bets but had a good time. Thanks for your lesson and I can't wait to schedule the next one.

Take care,


More winning sessions on the table! I need to take the next level and learn about dice setting.

6 Aug 2010
Hello Mark,
Again, thanks for the great lesson tonight.  Well worth the time and money!
. . . Look forward to working with you again soon!


19 Aug 2010

Thanks for sending the Bone Tracker software - that really works for me.  I'm a visual-analysis guy so I love the charts. 
On a modest sample of 260 rolls using the 3V set, I've got a 7.88 SRR, and a 5.76 BSR, with 50% on-axis. 

19 Jan 2011
Thanks for the software Mark!  My brother and I really enjoyed your class and we would like to arrange a practice session in the near future.

Last night went well as far as the dice were concerned.  I had several rolls that lasted about for about 20+ rolls and hit about 4-5 hard ways.  I also hit about 10 points on the night total. 

Dec 2013

I have been practicing and have been getting great, results thanks to what you have taught me about my throws. In any case, it has amounted into good $$$ in the pocket!  


Nov 2014

All four of us really enjoyed the class last night and we all learned so much. We're all looking forward to our Vegas trip next month to try out the things we learned last night.

Thanks again,