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The only professionally taught craps lessons in the Denver area.

Closest thing you’ll get to the casinos without losing half the money and waking up in a bathtub the next morning with an ice pack taped to your back and one less kidney.

Only place in Denver, Colorado to learn!

Learn from a player, not a casino!

The Craps Coach is a small, professional business that is committed to growing the game of craps by helping all ranges of craps players learn and hone their craft.  From beginners and learning the lingo, to experienced players,  The Craps Coach is the one stop shop for perfecting your game.


Trying craps in a real casino can be exciting, but you can’t play the game for free. Trying your craps techniques on an online casino, nobody will see you practice. In New Zealand the game of craps is really popular, it is played a lot and can be practiced online.


Also, in India there are many games we don’t know of and look like craps. Craps in India is not so popular as their own games like Teen Patti.


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Custom Craps Tables and Practice Rigs


BW Craps Tables is based in Denver Colorado. This video is an example on what we can do.  If you need help with your build (table or practice rig) or we can build one for you… just let us know by email or text.
Text: 720 402 2400
Check out their Build Video HERE!

NEW! The Craps Coach’s Craps System Guide (v3)

Using a system, the underlying premise is your risk might be dramatically lower and you still might be making a modest profit (but a profit nonetheless) while your bets are working. 45 pages with pictures to illustrate concepts and give examples. Delivered electronically.

I cover the following while offer 4 simple “systems”:

  • Bank Roll
  • Lose Limits and Why Set Them
  • Win Limits
  • Charting a Table
  • Buy-in Criteria When Charting a Table
  • Don’t Pass/Don’t Come system
  • Right Bettor Systems

NEW!  The Craps Coach’s Roulette Systems and Betting Strategies

A betting strategy guide when playing roulette.  45+ pages of how to use different bets when playing roulette.  Learn how to chart and track the roulette outcomes, and then bet appropriately to maximize your edge! Delivered in a PDF format with printable tracking sheets to keep track of the outcomes and your different betting levels.  Delivered electronically. (Download)

I cover the following while offer 4 simple “systems”:

  • Bank Roll
  • Loss Limits and Why Set Them
  • Win Limits
  • Charting and Tracking the Roulette Wheel
  • Betting Strategy for Different Roulette Bets

What Clients Say!

NEW! Learn to Chart a Craps Table!

How many times have you gone to a casino and have been in such a rush to buy-in and immediately start playing that and you quickly lost all your money? You had no idea whether you were stepping up to a cold or hot table. Tables can certainly run with streaks of hot or cold, and they can also be choppy.

Most Widely Used and Common Dice Sets


Dice Set

All Sevens

Dice Set

2 V

Dice Set

3 V

Dice Set

Straight Sixes

Dice Set