Collect Press Regress

Collect, Press and Regress on a place bet

If you have a small or limited bankroll, consider employing the Collect, Press, and Regress (CPR) betting strategy.   This is a type of craps betting system that, despite not giving a guarantee of winning, certainly helps to facilitates fair odds while stretching out one’s bankroll.

Not every craps player will recommend using this strategy, for there are some players who simply like to stick to betting against the shooter on the pass line, while backing odds every chance they can get. There are also some players who make frequent proposition bets…go figure. However, just watch any craps table on the casino floor and you will likely see a seasoned craps player using CPR. It revolves around the Place Bet, which contrary to some strategists, is a worthwhile bet.

To start off using CPR on your next craps session, begin by making a place bet on the number six or eight (according to long term probability, these are next two most frequently rolled numbers besides the number seven). Be sure the bet is in the amount of $6, for this will insure a maximum payout on your bet. If you chose to be on the number six, when the dice roll a six, you will win $7, resulting in $1 profit.

Keeping your bet on the table, when the six hits again, tell the dealer to “press” your bet, which will keep your original $6 bet on the table and award you another $1, resulting in a combined total profit of $2.

When the six hits for a third time, opt to regress your bet back to $6. You will receive $20 ($14 for the place bet and the regressed $6), resulting in a combined profit of $22 no matter what else pans out on the table.

Remember, placing the six or eight will deliver one of the lowest House Edges at the game of craps. The worst case scenario using CPR will be to lose your place bet, which you can make at the minimum stake value if you like. If you find this system to serve you well, and have become apt at putting it to use, you may want to consider using it with more than one place bet on the table at a time.

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