About Us

Dice Setters, LLC. The Craps Coach Craps Lessons in Denver

  • We are a local Denver company that is fanatical about craps.
  • Want to learn the game of Craps? We offer lessons to teach you in a fun and comfortable way. All our classes are held in our “Shooter’s Pit”. You learn the game on a real casino craps table. Learn from the player’s point of view. With no pressure from a casino.
  • We teach dice setting and Dice Control. We believe the skilled controlled dice roller can achieve an edge over the house and can consistently have winning sessions at the craps table.
  • We teach you this skill and offer a real 12 foot casino craps table to perfect your skill on. We offer classes for all experience levels and offer time for practice.
  • Ever think about how often you get the dice during a session at the casino? Don’t perfect your controlled dice shooting while at the casino. Practice in our “Shooters Pit” before you go and then head up to Blackhawk to clean up!
  • Where else can you find a real 12 foot casino craps table in Denver?
  • We have what you need!
  • We analyze your rolls with the smart craps software. Let us help you determine what your Signature Numbers are. What your best Dice Sets are.
  • Don’t wait. Sign up for an upcoming class and then head up to the casino and make your dice shooting skills work for you.