Craps Table Etiquette

Good to Know

Many of the pointers presented here are good to know, for if you begin to master craps and start reaping the benefits of a sound strategy. The following are what you could call Table Etiquette Tips, and will help you to keep from getting admonishments from the dealer and annoyed glances from other players:

Do not depend on the dealer to help you out

This especially holds true for a crowded table. The craps dealers know it is not in their job descriptions to teach you protocol and rules, and will be hard pressed to do so when the action is high at their table. Although most dealers are very helpful to players, you should not expect they will be.

Have neat table manners

In other words, do not be a slob at the table. Do not set your drinks on the table or get cigarette ashes everywhere. There is actually a rack just under the table for holding drinks and such. Also, do not blab your mouth at the table, even if it’s in good fun. Of course, it is encouraged to socialize with other players and have a good time – Just be sure you have positive things to say.

Know when to Buy-in

So you have found a table you can get in on, but do not know when to by your chips because everyone looks so busy. Indeed, this can be intimidating to a new craps player. The best time to buy-in is immediately after all the bets have been paid out from the last toll – just before the stickman slides the dice over to the shooter. If you ask to buy-in any other time, there is a good chance you will be ignored. Give your money to one of the inside dealers standing next to the boxman. It is the boxman (the table supervisor standing directly across from the stickman) who will be counting your money.

Place your bets at the appropriate time

This can be one of the hardest things to do at the craps table, especially when a shooter is actively throwing dice and players all around you are placing bets on every roll. Although there are many times to place bets, because there are many kinds of bets, the best time to do so is when the dice are sitting in front of the boxman or just before the stickman slides the dice back over to the shooter. The stickman is supposed to say “Place Your Bets”, at which time you should. If you place a bet when the shooter is handling the dice, you may hear “No Bet”, meaning your bet will not be counted.