Learn to Chart a Craps Table

How many times have you gone to a casino and have been in such a rush to buy-in and immediately start playing that and you quickly lost all your money? You had no idea whether you were stepping up to a cold or hot table. Tables can certainly run with streaks of hot or cold, and they can also be choppy. By learning to chart a table you can determine how things are going, see if there are any trends, and thus be a more informed player. The Craps Coach has designed a pad to be used for charting a table. I include detailed instructions and some techniques on how to use this item so that you can best informed player at the table. If you play any craps “systems” at all, you know that being able to accurately chart a craps table is key. You’ll be able to follow the trends and be a ”right” or “wrong” bettor at the appropriate time.

Each pad includes 50 sheets for charting and comes with detailed instructions.