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Want to know where to play craps online? donít spend hours searching the net when you have this simple and intuitive guide which ranks the best rated Canadian casinos for crap players.


Trying craps in a real casino can be exciting, but you canít play the game for free. Trying your craps techniques on an online casino, nobody will see you practise. In New Zealand the game of craps is really popular, it is played a lot and can be practised online.


NEW! The Craps Coach's Craps System Guide (v3)

Using a system, the underlying premise is your risk might be dramatically lower and you still might be making a modest profit (but a profit nonetheless) while you're bets are working. 45 pages with pictures to illustrate concepts and give examples. Delivered electronically. (Download)


Looking for Canadian online craps?  A good game describtion and casino overview can be found on the craps page of!


I cover the following while offer 4 simple "systems":

  • Bank Roll
  • Lose Limits and why set them
  • Win Limits
  • Charting a Table
  • Buy-in Criteria when charting a table
  • Don't Pass/Don't Come system
  • Right Bettor Systems


NEW!  Learn to Chart a Craps Table!




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